Did your vehicle come in violent contact with the road or the surface when you hit a very big pothole? If yes, then you need to take a look at your steering mechanism if you want to prevent excessive damage to your tires. Confused? What is the connection between these steering mechanism and your tires? Well, the steering mechanism directs the wheels and commands the tires to move in one direction or the other. Theoretically speaking, the tire should be parallel to each other and should be traveling straight when the steering is in normal position. However, if there is a slight deviation in the steering mechanism of your truck, it will mean that the tires would not be completely parallel. The moment such a problem arises; the tires shall operate in a slightly diagonal position. That is to say, the line gone from one tire to another would not be completely parallel. Rather, it would be in the form of a parallel program. The end result is that the two tires will fight each other to stay in the same line. Obviously, this is going to lead to wear and tear on one side of the tire of your truck.  See here now: tire shop near me San Antonio

As you would travel over larger distances, the extent of wear and tear will increase. It is pertinent to note that this problem will be faced only by the front tires. The rear tire would be completely proper and normal. The end result is that the tires fixed at the front would be badly damaged while the tires fixed at the rear would be in reasonably good condition. You will end up in the classic problem where you need to replace four tires just because two are damaged. How to avoid this problem? It is advisable to carry out wheel alignment tests on a regular basis. Further, it is important to check for wheel alignment after every major bump or every time your vehicle has hit the curb. These precautions may cost you money in the short term. However, it will help you save a lot of money in the long run. Avoiding these problems is very important because wheel alignment is something that will have an immediate and instant effect on the condition of your tires. It does not matter whether the tires are new or old or of good quality or of an unbranded manufacturer. Improper alignment of the wheel is automatically going to lead to performance issues in all tires of truck.