Theoretically speaking, the tires fitted to any wheel in your truck can be rotated to any other wheel. However, a lot depends on your choice of tire as well. If the treads of the tires have been designed in such a manner that the same ought to be used only on the left side of the truck, it is obvious that you cannot install the same tire on the right side. Well, there is nothing stopping you but you will obviously witness a reduction in performance because of improper installation of the tire. Secondly, there are some tire manufacturers who offer a set of tires and insist that all the tires be purchased simultaneously. According to their manufacturing processes, they design the tires of different sizes and of different tread patterns. The basic idea is to incorporate the design changes in the tires to ensure that the stress and the load is distributed evenly.

To manufacture tires of the same size and of the same tread pattern is obviously going to lead to uneven wear and tear. To manufacture the tire by providing for uneven wear and tear is a very smart option. Of course, such tires are going to cost more especially when you purchase the same for trucks. However, this is going to reduce chances of steering problems that often accompany the rotation of tires. If the wrong tires are fitted to the wrong wheel, it is going to lead to trouble.

How to find out whether you should go in for a rotation or not? The smartest option is to delegate the task to the mechanic. However, what is a guarantee that the mechanic will give you impartial and unbiased advice? Is there not a possibility that the mechanic may insist on rotation just because it helps him or her earn more money? In such a scenario, you should make use of the internet to get more information. You can get in touch with a website of the manufacturer of tires for your truck and get additional details. You can contact the forums, blogs and other websites to find out the experiences of other truck owners. With so many resources around, there is no need to rely on the opinion of the mechanic until and unless you trust the same. You can also make use of the internet to find out the right resource as far as tire rotation and tire alignment is concerned. It is advisable to combine all tire and wheel maintenance related activities when you are making these changes.